„RNDV Group": Lean Construction best practices


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RNDV company group is one of the largest providers of construction services to the shipbuilding industry and the civil and industrial construction sector in Europe. 1500+ employees, 50 projects around Europe, sizes of the project from 10 to 100 workers (https://rndv.eu/en/). In the presentation, you will hear RNDV's journey with Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction:
- the construction sector challenges: constantly changing teams and workplaces. Balancing flexibility and lack of control;
- source of inspiration and practical examples: Lean conferences for construction companies;
- first steps in understanding waste in construction;
- experience with X matrix, using A3 planning for inside projects. Construction companies tend to fall into day-to-day activities and forget that in order to improve, you have to always work on improvement projects inside the company;
- process standardization;
- measuring constructing processes and using this info as LEAD indicators;
- PDCA problem-solving after noticing decreasing efficiencies in our projects;
- Last Planner system for projects' planning: milestone planning, look ahead planning, weekly work plans, daily huddles;
- Takt planning for construction projects;
- 5S on site;
- Skill matrix as a baseline to understand the competencies, requirements, creating training plans;
- online learning management systems for personnel remote training

Renginys vyks anglų kalba.
Renginio data: 2023 m. spalio 03 d.
Laikas: 14:00 - 15:30

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